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In the early morning hours of August 25th 1966, the Beatles flew from Los Angeles to Seattle, Washington. The group would perform for two shows on this date, an afternoon and evening concert at Seattle Coliseum.

The following press conference was held at the Edgewater Inn before the afternoon show. The Beatles were asked about their songwriting and musical evolution, Jane Asher, sitars, and plans for their next movie. Following the press conference, each of the group were presented official certificates designating them honorary citizens of the state of Washington.

Opening acts on this leg of their 1966 tour included Bobby Hebb, the Remains, the Ronettes, as well as the Cyrkle - whose song 'Turn Down Day' is mentioned by Paul McCartney during the press conference.

From here the Beatles tour flew to southern California, taking two days off in Beverly Hills leading up to their concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

                                          - Jay Spangler,

M.C: "Can we have the first question, please."

Q: "John, could you please tell me something about your new movie, 'How I Won The War'?"

JOHN: "Oh, I don't know anything about it except for I'm in it, and it's about the last world war."

Q: "I'd like to address a question to Paul McCartney. Would you confirm or deny the report of your marriage to Jane Asher in Seattle this evening?"

PAUL: (jokingly) "It's tonight, yeah."

Q: "What time and where?"

PAUL: "Tonight-- I can't tell you that, now can I?"


PAUL: "I couldn't tell ya... it's a secret."

GEORGE: "OK, it's a secret. We don't want all the people there, do we?"

Q: "You are confirming the report?"

PAUL: "No, not really. It was... it's a joke. Who started this? Anyone know? Does anyone know? I just got in today and found out I was getting married tonight. No, she is not coming in tonight as far as I know."

GEORGE: "And if she does, we are going out tonight anyway... so we'll miss her."

PAUL: (laughs)


Q: "I'd like to direct this to any of the Beatles. Do you believe that you represent a different type of morality-- or a new type of morality-- than, say, the 'Rolling Stones' or the protest groups?"

JOHN: "Are they a protest group? Since when?"

Q: "No. 'OR a protest group.'"

PAUL: "OR a protest group! No. We don't represent anything like that. It's the 'Cyrkle' that do that."


PAUL: "'Turn Down Day.' I think you've heard that one, haven't you! (jokingly) Folk song!"

Q: "I'd like to ask John Lennon a question-- I hope I get a chance to ask him a second one. This is sort of double-barreled. I'd like to know your motivation in this. Money? I'd like to think it's enjoyment, and I'd like to think you're having as much fun as you seem to be when you're doing it."

JOHN: "Well, when I look as though I'm having fun-- I am, you know. When I'm not-- I'm not, usually. So it varies."

Q: "Do I get another chance? One more chance? I have this little prediction that in 25 years you're going to be a great writer. I'd like to talk to you about it sometime."

JOHN: "Well, I mean, we're between 25 years then."

Q: "I'll make you a date."


GEORGE: "See ya, Penny Lane."

Q: "I'd like to address this question to anybody in the group. What about the next movie? --heard alot of stories --nothing's confirmed. Has there been anything decided?"

PAUL: "Nothing."

GEORGE: "Somebody gave us a good idea, so we told him to go and write it into a script. So we won't really be able to tell if we're gonna make the film until we've read the script. And as he hasn't finished the script, we haven't read the script-- so we won't know yet until about Christmas, maybe. But if it is a good one and we like it, we'll probably start it 'round about January, February, or March... or December."

Q: "I have three questions, if I can. For one-- Do you think the audience that your music attracts has changed from say the thirteen and fourteen year old girls to more of the college age, and if so, do you like it better that way?"

PAUL: "Uhh, I think it's probably got a bit older. I don't know how old. And it's nice."

Q: "Did you intend it that way?"

PAUL: "No. We don't intend anything, you know. That's the trouble." (laughs)

JOHN: "It all happens..."

Q: "Also, Paul-- Since your rumors were denied, then what are you doing after the show?"


PAUL: "I don't know... marrying you, probably!"


Q: "How are the attendance on this tour compared to past American tours?"

PAUL: "It's been... apparently been more at the shows than there were last time."

Q: "Do you think that the so-called adverse publicity hurt or helped in this?"

PAUL: "No idea, you know. We haven't been able to tell really because we... You know, the press keeps saying, 'I see it's hurt you.' And our managers keep saying it hasn't. So, you know, who do we believe?"

Q: "John and Paul, I'd like to know if all the songs that are said to be written by Lennon and McCartney are always written by both of you, or do you ever do one all by yourself?"

JOHN: (jokingly, to Paul) "Don't they buy 'Datebook'?"

PAUL: "No, we do them seperately and together."

Q: "Your music used to be mostly composed of guitar backgrounds, and recently you've come around to strings and harpsichords and alot of weird things like that. Is there any purpose in this evolution?"

PAUL: "Yeah."

JOHN: (at same time as Paul) "No."

PAUL: (laughs)

GEORGE: "Just to use something else besides guitars."

PAUL: "And because those things aren't... it's not necessarily sort of 'coming around to them' you know, like we're giving-in to 'em. It's finding them again."

Q: (dressed as a 'Jolly Green Giant') "I don't know if there is a Jolly Green Giant in England, fellows, but I come with good wishes from Vancouver. You played there a short while ago. And we were wondering whether you are coming back to Vancouver."

PAUL: "Maybe. Brian decides where we go. So, maybe."

Q: "All the people in Vancouver wanted to wish John a happy 4th anniversary a few days ago, John."

JOHN: "Thank you. Well, you thank them... Jolly Green Giant."


Q: "...and a question. George, where do you get your sitars?"

GEORGE: "Where do I get them? Or where do people generally get them?"

Q: "Where can people generally get a sitar?"

GEORGE: "India."


Q: "Paul, before, you said that there were some songs that you 'have to' write. Could you explain what you mean by 'have to' write?"

PAUL: "Hmmm. No see, I just said that in passing. I just meant that there was an LP due. And when an LP is due we write songs, you know. We do it like that more than write all the time. We don't write all the time. We write more 'to order.' You know, if we've got fourteen tracks to fill, then we've got fourteen songs to write. That's what I mean."

Source: Transcribed by from audio recording of the press conference

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