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This is a non-profit website for educational use. Jay Spangler created this site when he realized that the internet had very few accurate, original interviews of The Beatles to offer. After many, many years of careful research, Jay has turned over management of the site to Jude Southerland Kessler (author of The John Lennon Series) and Suzie Duchateau (research expert).

Surprisingly, The Beatles' words have had a tendency to become a bit distorted over the years, and even many seemingly-reliable "quote books" often get the conversations quite wrong.

The best sources are the original audio and video materials and the original newspaper and magazine issues -- That is what is used by this website, and more is on the way. The Beatles Ultimate Experience has been on the web since 1997.

There are other websites that have "copy and pasted" entire sections of our work onto their website. Some sites have gone so far as to copy and paste ALL of our work in it's entirety and tried to pretend it was their own. Due to this practice, you may notice our Songwriting & Recording database or interview transcripts, not simply as a link, but actually appearing on a few certain other websites. Thank you for pointing these out to us in the past. We are aware of who they are, and sites like that do come and go.

That being said however, we are more than happy to provide relevant excerpts of our transcripts to other websites as part of their own unique project or research where sources are given.

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