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On November 13th 1963, while in Plymouth during their 'Autumn Tour' of Britain, the Beatles were interviewed by Stuart Hutchison for a local music television program. The show was entitled, 'Move Over Dad' which aired on Westward television. Westward was the first affiliate for ITV in Southwest England.

To avoid being mobbed by the huge gathering of Beatlemaniacs waiting for the group, the Beatles were secretly transported through a tunnel into Derry's Cross to record the following interview with Hutchison.

As mentioned in this conversation, Paul McCartney had fallen ill with the stomach flu just one day before, and their November 12th performance at Guildhall in Portsmouth would be cancelled and rescheduled for December.

Immediately following their interview with Hutchison on November 13th, the Beatles would perform two shows at Plymouth's ABC Cinema in Devon. The group's second LP, 'With The Beatles' would be released just nine days later on November 22nd.

                                          - Jay Spangler,

HUTCHISON: "Well Paul, how are you after your collapse we read about?"

PAUL: "I didn't really collapse. That was just the naughty newspapers, writing it. Misquote! Nah, I just had a bit of flu, you know. I'm fine today, thank you."

HUTCHISON: "You're feeling alright?"

PAUL: (comical voice) "Lovely. Real lovely."

HUTCHISON: "How are the rest of you? How are you going to avoid catching...?"

JOHN: (in pathetic voice) "We're fine, thank you."

GEORGE: "Oh, we're OK. Yeah, great."

HUTCHISON: "Are you taking any cold prevention, now?"

PAUL: "Yeah, I'm taking 'em all. Got 'em all."

JOHN: (quietly) "It's only one-and-six a tube."

(Paul giggles)

HUTCHISON: "How about these escape plans you keep beating about? You got out of one place disguised as policemen."

BEATLES: "No, no!"

GEORGE: "We didn't, actually. We put the policemen's helmets on..."

PAUL: "Just for a laugh, you know."

GEORGE: "Yeah."

PAUL: "The policemen said, 'Aww, let's have a laugh, and put these helmets...'"

GEORGE: "We jumped out of the van, and you know... The press were there to take the photographs, so we jumped out with the helmets on. So the next day it was..."

PAUL: "The next day you read in the papers..."

GEORGE: " they are, disguised."

RINGO: "Have you ever seen a policeman in a corduroy coat?"

JOHN: "I have. I saw one back in 1832, I think."

RINGO: "He knows, you see."

HUTCHISON: "Did you put the helmets on over the haircuts?"

PAUL: "Yeah."

RINGO: "Sure."

JOHN: "Well, we couldn't put them underneath."

(Beatles laugh)

PAUL: "And I also read in the papers today, there's a man who said we wear wigs!"

RINGO: (loudly) "WE DON'T!"

PAUL: "We don't. Honest. Feel it."

HUTCHISON: "True. It's lovely, yes. Oh, on this program a few weeks ago, somebody said the Beatles haircut was going out because the fringe was so long you couldn't see the birds. What comment have you got to make on that?"

JOHN: (yells) "IT'S A DIRTY LIE!"

GEORGE: (laughs)

PAUL: "We can see quite well. I can see quite well, thanks, John."

GEORGE: "Well, some of us can."


HUTCHISON: "Are you looking forward to doing it tonight?"

BEATLES: "Yeah!"

PAUL: "Of course."

HUTCHISON: "Well, they've all been looking forward to seeing you, and they're out there now. Thank you very much, boys."

BEATLES: "Thank you."

JOHN: "Pleasure."

Source: Transcribed by from audio copy of the television interview

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